About Us

Harbinger Capital Markets Research offers targeted research and consulting services to independent investors and corporate clients. We specialize in identifying and analyzing macroeconomic and market trends. We use four key investment vehicles:


- the biggest market and most important for economic activity


- a barometer of economic activity and a cost factor of production

Debt Instruments

- determinant in the cost of money for governments and corporations


- provide visible wealth gauge for the private sector and liquidity to fuel economies

Our approach stands out from typical economic overviews in that we rely on the interplay of our four key markets to dictate our forecasts. The heavily revised economic data causes too much minutiae viewing and misses important trends. Moves in the capital markets do influence the direction of economies.

What's in a name: Harbinger: a person or thing that comes before to give an indication of what follows, or to announce the approach of a change. The dragonfly is associated with the spirit of the rice plant and a "harbinger of rich harvests". This is a fitting allegory for what we do, which is to provide Capital Market Strategy to institutional investors, corporations and independent investors so that they can make better investment decisions.